• Double Jacquard Cover
  • 2" of Gel-Infused Memory Foam
  • 6" of High-Density Base Foam


The Wellsville King 8" mattress is a smart balance of support and softness. Combining 6" of pressure point-relieving, high-density base foam and 2" of temperature-regulating gel beads, this mattress will make you feel like wanting to stay in bed all day long. The plush top layer takes care of the spine for comfort through the night. Adding optimal support is the 6" base foam layer. For improved breathability, this mattress features a double jacquard cover.


  • Lending a firm, supportive feel to your body while you sleep is this gel memory foam mattress from Wellsville
  • Features a combo of 2" of plush gel-infused memory foam and 6" of high-density base foam
  • For a breathable air layer, the mattress features a double jacquard cover
  • Overall dimensions: 8"H x 76"W x 80"L
  • Comes in a tightly packed, portable box and can be unpacked and kept for up to 2 days for the mattress to get back to the original shape
  • Air the mattress for a few hours after unpacking so the unpleasant, trapped odors are eliminated
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